“You run your business. We’ll fund your business.”
When it comes to identifying and executing the best practices to run and grow your small business, you are the expert.
When it comes to identifying the best financing options from the best sources for your business, count on BorrowPartner.

Your needs are unique. So are our solutions.

Small Business Loan Online

Small Business Loan

Short term loan. Up to $5,000,000.
Borrow a set amount. Repay a fixed amount over a fixed period of time.

Business Line of Credit

Revolving credit line. Up to $500,000.
Draw the amount that you need when you need it. Repay based on what you borrowed.

Business Line of Credit
Merchant Advance

Merchant Advance

Capital Advance. Up to $1,000,000.
Borrow a set amount based on expected credit card receipts. Repay a variable amount based on actual receipts.

Invoice Factoring

Sale of unpaid invoices at a slight discount. Up to $25,000,000.
Increase working capital without increasing debt. Sell one or more invoices when you need it. Get cash the next day. 

Invoice Factoring
SBA Loan

SBA Loan

US Government-backed term loan at Prime-Plus rate. Up to $5,000,000.
Borrow a set amount. Repay a fixed amount over a fixed period of time.

We leverage our experience with thousands of small businesses to provide the best financing for yours.

Easy Business Loan Application Online

Easy Applications

Fast, simple, secure, no-obligation way to apply for small business financing online.

Flexible Financing Options

Flexible Options

Financing options - in structure, terms, and repayments, selected based on your needs, not on anyone else's.

Affordable Financing Rates

Affordable Rates

Grow with capital. Don’t get hindered by it. It’s how you grow your business.

Faster than Banks

Faster than Banks

Get your financing in days, sometimes hours, never months.

Transparent Financing Fees

Transparent Fees

But not only. Transparent repayments, terms, and conditions. Transparent everything. The way all transactions should be.

Easy Business Loan Repayments

Easy Repayments

Daily, weekly, or monthly repayments automatically from your business bank account.

Amazing Support

Amazing Support

Submit your application. We take it from there. We are on your side, always.

Value Driven

Value Driven

Our commitment to integrity and customer centricity drives how we do everything. Learn more about our values.

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