You are free to spend your funds on any purpose related to your business.

We appreciate your interest in joining BorrowPartner. We have openings for remote business development managers. Visit our careers page.

You may qualify for additional capital if:

  • You repaid more than 50% of your last financing,
  • You didn’t choose the maximum amount in your prior financing, or
  • Your company revenue increased significantly since your last transaction

We would need to review it, but, in most cases, yes. If you already pledged your accounts receivable, we would need to work with your current lender to structure a subordination agreement. 

Invoice factoring involves the sale of accounts receivable at a discount, while asset-based lending (ABL) does not require a such a transfer of assets. Instead, collaterized assets are monitored as a collateral against a line of credit by the ABL provider.

You can apply through our Loan Agent program. Whether your business already offers products or services to small and medium companies or whether you want to start this on your own, team up with BorrowPartner to offer best-in-class financing solutions. Learn more here

No. The way we see it, your information is yours, not ours. We use your information to process the transactions with which you entrust us. We never sold it. And, we never will. Your information is safe with BorrowPartner. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

No, applying for business financing with BorrowPartner will not affect your personal credit score.

Complete applications are generally reviewed, and offers are sent to you within one business day. After you select and send back your preferred offer, the funds are typically deposited in your account within one business day, sometimes within a few business hours. Find out more about how it works

You should receive your money within one business day after approval, sometimes in as quickly as a few hours. You will receive an automatic email notification of the transfer, and the status of your application will be updated on your online dashboard.

All information that you share with BorrowPartner is secured using bank-grade encryption protocols.

Yes, you can. Lines of credit allow you to draw down funds as needed. You can apply even if we don’t need the funds right away. Securing a line of credit early early will ensure that your funds are available when you need them.

Beside personal credit scores, other factors that we consider include:

  • Percentage of business owned
  • Total debt
  • Business credit score
  • Annual revenue
  • Years in business
  • Cash flow
  • Payment history
  • and others…

We offer Small Business Loans, Business Lines of Credit, and Merchant Advances. One easy application is all you need. Our expert financing advisors will review your information and, with you, will identify the best financing options for your business

Our online application will require you to enter information about you, your business, and its performance. You will also need to attach to it copies of of your driver’s license and of your bank statements.

You will find the information that you need to apply here.


BorrowPartner is an excellent business loan broker based in the USA. We focus exclusively on securing the very best financing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We are simple to work with, we are flexible, and we are affordable. 

Work with us, and you will be glad you did. If you don’t work with us, well, you won’t know how happy you could have been, we will be sad, but we’ll still wish you success with your business. 

We offer small business loans from $10,000 to $5,000,000 with repayment terms of up to 48 months.

We are expert at what we do and we do it well.

At BorrowPartner, our financing recommendations are based on your business needs – not on anyone else’s, our easy application takes minutes, and there are no surprises. We minimize the paperwork requirements. We bring you the best available business financing options available for your business. We reduce the time to access funds.

Banks require hours to complete an application, demand a collateral, and are slow to respond. Venture Capital firms dilute your equity in your own business and sometimes even take over. Direct lenders offer limited selections of financing products that they don’t adapt to your needs. Some don’t fully disclose their fees.

We are different. BorrowPartner is your partner in financing. Find out more about us.

If you have already secured financing for your business with a different company in the past, we recommend that you brace yourself for a shockingly different experience when working with BorrowPartner.

Working with us might be simpler than expected, save you money, and even be fun. It might even compel you to return for more financing as you grow your business. 

Get the financing your business needs to grow

Applying for financing with BorrowPartner does not affect your personal credit score

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