BorrowPartner’s Core Values



We identify and facilitate the best financing solutions for small businesses and improve their financial strength. We understand how critical affordable capital is to our customers and take our role seriously. We are committed to transparency in our process and our fees. The solutions that we recommend are the ones that we think are best for you.

Customer Experience

We are in the service business. How we serve our customers determines our success and theirs. We are committed to ensuring that working with us remains easy. We offer an easy application, ready support, and the simplest process. Our solutions are flexible, and feature financing offers with multiple funding amounts, terms, and payment options. 

Customer Experience
Partnership with our customers

Partnership With Our Customers

We are a trusted partner to our customers. We leverage our extensive industry experience to identify and provide the best-value financing options. We only use and continually refresh best-of-class platforms and tools to offer transparent and affordable financing solutions.

Customer Privacy

Access to our customers’ data is strictly limited to the reason for which our customers provide us such data. We never share that information with anyone not directly involved in the financing of our customers’ applications. We protect our customers’ data with bank-grade encryption. 


Get the financing your business needs to grow

Applying for financing with BorrowPartner does not affect your personal credit score

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