Business Line of Credit

Business Lines of Credit are revolving loans structured for small businesses.

With a business line of credit, your business gets access to a fixed, maximum amount of capital from which it can draw at any time to meet immediate business opportunities or needs. You withdraw what you need when you need it and only repay based on what you borrowed.

With a business line of credit from BorrowPartner, you apply once and are ready to capture opportunities when they come your way. Access the amount that you need, pay down the balance, and use it again.

Business Line of Credit

Established businesses and less established ones​

Whether your small business is established or just starting up, whether your credit is perfect or you have bad credit, BorrowPartner will partner with you and your small business to secure the best available business line of credit for you.

The maximum line of credit amounts and terms are based on several factors, including your business financial fundamentals, annual revenues, existing debt, credit history, and more.

Flexible terms to maximize your opportunity​

Line of Credit Amount

Up to $750,000

Repayment Term

Up to 12 months

Payback Amount


The payback amount and the payback schedule are fixed, so you can plan those payments in advance.

BorrowPartner offer lines of credit in all 50 US states and Canada.

We proudly offer reduced fees for veteran-owned businesses.

Many ways to use a Business Line of Credit

Business credit lines are perfect to

Our customers also them for

How to get a Business Line of Credit?​​

You can do it yourself

Or, we can assist

  • Complete our contact form and select Application Assistance in the Inquiry Type and a representative will call you promptly. BorrowPartner assists you every step of the way.

Either way, after we receive your completed financing application, our advisors will promptly review the information and the documents that you included and submit the file for prompt processing.

How do Business Lines of Credit work?

After processing your application, our advisors will then send you the best available business credit line offers for your business. Your offers will include the maximum credit line amount, the line of credit term, the line of credit payback amount, the frequency of the payback, the origination fees, and the payback schedule.

Select the business credit line offer you prefer, approve the application, and send it back to your BorrowPartner advisor.

Within a day, sometimes the same day, you can access your funds and receive them in your business checking account.

You enjoy the flexibility provided to you by your business line of credit. You withdraw an amount up your maximum credit line amount. You repay based on what you borrow up to the maximum term.

That’s it. 

Get the financing your business needs to grow

Applying for financing with BorrowPartner does not affect your personal credit score

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